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Waste to Energy and Plasma Pyrolysis Resources

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Plasma Pyrolysis

What is "Plasma Pyrolysis?"

Plasma Pyrolysis is the process of "molecular dissociation" using plasma, or electrically-charged gas.  Plasma pyrolysis is often referred to as Plasma Gasification which converts organic matter into synthesis gas, which can then be used as a renewable fuel to produce clean power.


Waste to Energy and Plasma Pyrolysis Resources

Biomass Gasification    *  Plasma Gasification  *  Synthesis Gas  *  Waste Heat Recovery  Waste to Energy

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What is "Plasma Gasification?"

Plasma Gasification - is the thermal disintegration of carbonaceous materials into their elemental compounds in an oxygen-starved environment using a "plasma."

Plasma Gasification renders most waste streams, including medical/hospital waste, chemical waste, hazardous waste, and even low-level radioactive waste, completely safe and inert.  Plasma Gasification is the "ultimate" solution for handling most every waste stream that is now going into landfills. 

While there are, at present NO Plasma Gasification in commercial operation in the USA, we believe that some day, whether 5 years or 25 years, that Plasma Gasification plants will be located next to landfills, and take the waste that would have gone into the landfill, and be processed by Plasma Gasification.  Eventually, the waste and contents of landfills will be recovered and processed with Plasma Gasification plants.

The following information about Plasma Gasification, in part, from Department of Energy.

What is Plasma?

Plasma, referred to as the "fourth state of matter," is a very high temperature, highly ionized (electrically charged) gas capable of conducting electrical current. Examples of plasma in nature include lightning and gas at the surface of the sun. Plasma technology has a long history of development and has evolved into a valuable tool for engineers and scientists who need to use very high temperatures for new process applications. Man made plasma is formed by passing an electrical discharge through a gas such as air or oxygen (O2). The interaction of the gas with the electric arc dissociates the gas into electrons and ions, and causes its temperature to increase significantly, often exceeding 6,000 įC, nearly as hot as the sunís surface.

show a schematic drawing and a picture, respectively, of a plasma torch used to generate plasma. The plasma torch can be fed with process gases of various chemical composition including air, O2, nitrogen (N2), argon and others, allowing the process to be tailored to specific applications.

Plasma Gasification and its Potential Advantages

Numerous companies have been developing plasma gasification technology to treat multiple waste streams including industrial and municipal solid wastes (MSW) over the last decade, and recently has been investigating the application of their plasma technology to gasifiy coal. They believe their technology can be demonstrated to gasify coal in an ambient pressure, plasma-fired reactor that can be retrofitted into existing power plants and/or installed as a new facility, with the following potential benefits over a pulverized coal power and/or conventional gasification plant:


Number of Plasma Gasification plants in Commercial Operation in the USA - ZERO

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Plasma Pyrolysis

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